Angelic Celestial Colours™ Sweatshirt

A beautiful high quality sweatshirt in pure organic cotton featuring the brand logo of Amanda Ellis from Angelic Celestial Colours. This sweatshirt is a step up from typical print transfer designs and instead is embroidered with over 100,000 multi coloured stitches of intricate detail, all designed with longevity, beauty and quality in mind. 

The Angelic Celestial Colours logo was designed by Amanda to encapsulate the powerful sacred geometry of Metatron's Cube, wrapped in angel wings - a nod to the energies that dominate her spiritual work. Wearing it helps raise your frequency via the power of the symbolism of the design itself. Metatron's Cube contains 13 circles and geometric lines representing the power of masculine and feminine energy combined, and it is the blueprint of all creation, bestowing harmony, protection, manifestation and transformation.

The sweatshirt is made with love and dedication and as well as being a talking point is warm and cosy too!  

Available in 3 colour options

Extremely High Demand

A bespoke piece that's Individual crafted and made to order. Please be patient and allow upto 7 working days before dispatch. I promise you it's worth the wait!

Size Chart ( Chest in inches)


34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56


 Material: Pure Organic Cotton

Washing instructions: Hand wash, dry clean or hand wash machine setting at 30 degrees. Wash and Iron inside out