Embroidered Dreamcatcher Hoodie


The dreamcatcher concept originated from Native American cultures. These cultures believe that the air at night is filled with good and bad dreams. The dreamcatcher was first created as a kind of protective talisman. The Native Americans hung these creations above the cradles or beds of their young children to protect them from bad dreams and night.   

There are two main legends surrounding the origin of dreamcatchers. One legend attributes their inception to the Ojibwe tribe. The second says they originated from the Lakota tribe. Although both legends are similar, there is a slight difference in the way each of these cultures interpret the role and significance of dreamcatchers.

The Ojibwe tribe considered Asibikaashi, the spider women, as their spiritual protector who protected their children from harm. As the Ojibwe people traveled further across the land, it became increasing difficult for Asibikaashi to protect them all so she created the first dreamcatcher. According to the Ojibwe legend, the dreamcatcher is designed to trap bad dreams in the web while allowing the good dreams to filter through the hole, bead or gem in the center of the web. The good dreams would then flutter gently down the feathers to the sleeping child while the trapped bad dreams would get destroyed in the morning when the first rays of the sun touched them. There are of course, different interpretations of this legend but they are all variations of the same basic idea.

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 Material:  100% Pure Organic Cotton

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